The Purpose of Prodi Neurolgi FK UNDIP

# General Purpose

The education of a Neurology specialist is part of the education of a specialist physician who is in charge of producing a neurologist specialist who may undertake:
  • Priority approach to neurological problems by means of scientific reasoning through planning, implementation and evaluation both in promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative efforts
  • Complete nerve disease services at an international level of specialism according to the circumstances and needs of the community

# Special Purpose

At the end of education, a neurologist is expected:
  • Being able to recognize, formulate approaches to settle and prioritize neurological issues by means of scientific reasoning, through planning, implementation and evaluation of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitation efforts
  • Master the knowledge and skills and keep abreast of science and technology in providing Neurology service
  • Able to handle any case of neurology with high professional ability through Evidence Based Medicine model. Able to improve the quantity and quality of basic, clinical and field research and have the motivation to develop the learning experience so as to achieve higher academic level
  • Able to organize Neurology health services so as to be a leader in the development of health services Neurology at all levels with high professionalism
  • Be able to participate in general health education, and neurology especially
  • Be able to develop professional performance in a clearer spectrum by associating similar fields of science or profession.
  • Be open, responsive to changes and advances in science and technology or problems faced by society, especially those related to neurology.
  • Skilled at doing neuropathy and able to communicate interpersonally
  • Have a sense of responsibility in performing medical profession in a service system in accordance with the National Health System and adhere to the Indonesian Medical Ethics
  • Always improve and develop ourselves in the science of medicine according to his talents based on lifelong education

Primary Value

Graduate of Doctor Specialist I Neurology Faculty of Medicine University of Diponegoro that meets the standard of competence endorsed by the Indonesian Neurology Collegiate Association of Indonesian Medical Specialists Association 2006 and according to the profile of Diponegoro University graduate "COMPLETE", that is: